smart vending technology company - built on ioT and real time data analytics

FreshAlley: smart vending platform


FreshAlley is a Smart Vending Solution

FreshAlley is a smart vending technology platform. You can leverage FreshAlley platform to create modern smart vending solutions for products of any shape, size and industry. We offer vending as a service to vending operators and retailers.


  • Product vending platform for hotels, offices, retail stores, schools, mall and hospitals.
  • Store-in-the-box in transit hubs
  • Upgrade existing mechanical vending machines.
  • Micro retailers and pop-up stores.


  • Leverages RFID, Bluetooth, and NFC with real-time analytics to create a cloud based smart vending technology platform.
  • The platform is built on the internet of things (IOT) principle to create an optimum user experience and optimized supply chain for retailers and vending operators.


  • Cash less transaction
  • Purchase from mobile device
  • Purchase on the machine with a swipe of a credit card.
  • Real time data analytics for retailers and vending operators.
  • Real time personal feedback

Info and Pre-Orders:

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