smart vending technology company - built on ioT and real time data analytics

About Us

FreshAlley is a smart vending technology company built on IoT and real time data analytics. We bring millennial experience and productivity to the vending customers as well as vending merchants.

We design, make and sell smart-vending-machines and vending-management-system to vending service companies, schools, enterprise offices, hotels, big box retailers and micro retailers.

We have product agnostic vending platform and we are introducing vending to multiple industry verticals enabled by internet of things( IoT) and real time data analytics.

FreshAlley team consists of operations executives, technology gurus, creative designers, education professionals and digital artists all with the common mission to transform and expand the vending industry.

We are based out of Silicon Valley, California.

Email :                                     

Phone :  (800) 571-6066

Office : 640 W. California Avenue, Suite 210, Sunnyvale, California 94086 USA